Green Schools 2022/2023

One of our students checking on the worms.

This term the students in the Level Two Learning Programme (L2LP) have been learning in their Grow Cook Eat class about the importance of worms. They learnt fun facts such as worms don’t have eyes, they soak up oxygen through their skin and too much sunlight or water can kill them. The students also learnt how essential worms are in the production of our food.

Mr. Hurley presented the class with the task of caring for the school wormery and the students have now taken charge of the upkeep of the worms. The students collect food for the worms such as food waste and shredded paper. In return the worms are making lovely compost that will be used by the students to grow some crops. We look forward to the fruits of our labour! Thanks to Miss Deane and all the SNA’s for the great work being done.

Long strand beach cleanup October 2021:

The Green Schools is not just about raising awareness of environmental issues within the school but also about giving something back to our local community. Thanks to the current 5th Years for all the work they did last year. Mr. Teddy Brown (our local litter warden in West Cork) provided us with pickers and bags to undertake the cleanup. Many thanks to Mr. Diarmuid O’Donovan (TY co-ordinator), Mr. Olan Hayes and Mr. Sean O’Connor for overseeing the organisation of the event.

Current TYs putting recycling bins back into classrooms post covid:

Over to the current TY’s to continue the work this year. Already this wonderful group are busy with reintroducing a recycling system back into the classrooms post Covid. Well done to you all.

The Carbon Club:

Something new this year is the Green School’s involvement with the Carbon Club. Over the next number of months, the school will monitor its energy usage and attempt to reduce it. We will all try to play our part in reducing the school’s carbon footprint.