School Uniform

  • Navy trousers/skirt – can be bought anywhere.
  • Striped College shirt (Anne Fahy design – available at “Cash & Co” 25 Rossa Street, Scartagh, Clonakilty).
  • Footwear: All Black or all navy.
  • School Jumper (available at “Cash & Co” 25 Rossa Street, Scartagh, Clonakilty)
  • Students can wear their own coats/jackets/hoodies to and from school but must remove them while in the building


School Tracksuit

  • Available to order from McKeever Sports online at specific ordering “windows”.
  • New ordering window will open at the end of May.
  • School Tracksuit can be bought in a package and consists of:
    • Pants
    • Tee-shirt
    • Quarter Zip Top
    • The gear can be customised with your child’s initials in order to ensure that if it’s lost then it can be found quickly.
  • We expect our 1st Years to wear the school tracksuit from September 2023.
  • Other CCC items may also be bought online also including a jersey, jackets, gillets etc but are not compulsory.



Size Charts:



General Ethos:

  • Students will be asked to remove jewellery that we consider a safety risk to themselves or others.
  • Students are expected to present in full uniform and take pride in their neat appearance.
  • Full uniform is also worn by students taking State Exams.
  • Full uniform is also worn by students while on school trips – unless otherwise instructed by the teacher in charge of the trip. Organising teacher may instruct students to wear school tracksuit instead of uniform where applicable.