Special Needs Unit

Supporting pupils with additional needs in our College

Our Special Education Teaching Team (SET) Ethos: Clonakilty Community College has a strong tradition of supporting students with special educational needs. Our SET Department ensure that students with SEN are supported to reach their full potential academically, socially and personally within an inclusive school environment. A strong ethos of access to, participation in and benefit from an appropriate education exists in our school. Please go to the Policy section of our website for our SEN Policy which gives full details on all aspects of our SEN provision in our college.

How is teaching support delivered?

All students in the school have access to mainstream curriculum mixed ability classes. Specialised instruction and differentiated teaching methods are used by teachers to support student learning. Special focus is given to the areas of literacy, numeracy, I.T. and Social Skills. This targeted, individualised teaching support and intervention is offered in a number of ways:

  • Withdrawal to small group Learning Support Classes.
  • Withdrawal to a One-to-One Resource Class in consultation with student and parent/guardian.
  • Team-teaching support is an ‘in-class’ support for students where the teacher supports them within the mainstream setting.

Who Organises Teaching Support?

The overall responsibility for co-ordinating special needs support, the identification, assessment and monitoring of pupils is taken by our SEN Co-Ordinator, Patricia O’Connor, in consultation with Principal, Deputy Principal, Teachers, and Education Psychologist, Gearoidín O’Farrell.

Transition from Primary to Secondary School:

We recognise that the transition from primary school to secondary school can be a stressful time for students and parents. To facilitate the transition of your child the SEN Department:

  • Invite you to the school open night.
  • Offer SEN students a tour of the school during the school day. This is arranged with primary schools.
  • Create a workbook/booklet for students so they can learn about the school. This is distributed on the tour day.

Our SEN Co-Ordinator Patricia O’Connor, is available for appointments to help ease students and parents through this transitional phase. Please also check the Downloads section of this page for further detail on our SEN Programme.

In addition to the above the SEN dept offers two specific programmes for students with additional special educational requirements:

Our Moderate class Programme:

This is a programme catering for pupils with moderate ability. The maximum number of pupils in this class is eight. In order to be eligible for enrolment to this programme pupils must have a psychogical report recommending access to this class. Full details of this programme are available from programme coordinator Kevin O’Donovan. Pupils in this class currently follow a Level 2 Programme The main aims of this programme are:

  • That the student will develop to their full academic potential
  • That the student leaves school with the social skills that will enable him/her to live as independently as possible.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Programme:

Our ASD programme opened in September 2013 to cater for pupils with a diagnosis of Autism. The maximum number of pupils in each class is six. The main aim of this programme is to develop and support the pupil’s independence while accessing mainstream curriculum. The programme offers each student individualised tailored support in developing functional life skills, social skills, along with academic support to enable the pupils to participate fully in school and community life.We extended our ASD programme in September 2015 when we opened a senior ASD class. In order to be eligible for enrolment to this programme pupils must have:a psychogical report recommending access to the class. Full details of this programme are available from Patricia O’Connor.

A Snapshot of some of our pupils in our Moderate and ASD Programmes…

Moderate Class 2021