Student Council 2022/23

Student Council Qualities:

Over the past years the qualities that have presented as a member of the student council include students who:

  • Have the interest and capacity to represent student voice
  • Show Respect for themselves and others
  • Act as independent thinkers
  • Haver the capacity to be future mentors
  • Are brave enough to share student voice/CCC values
  • Possess the capacity to represent student opinion fairly
  • Have ownership of their school
  • Have pride in being a CCC student
  • Understand and embody the ethos & Mission statement of the school
  • Have the capacity & interest in being a leader
  • Are a good listener and a team player
  • Are approachable and balanced

We thank the following students in our college who have been voted by their peers to represent student voice.

1st Year: Brendan Madden, Charlie O’ Sullivan, Stephen Doyle, Michael O’ Donovan

2nd Year: Joshua Williamson, Harry Ellis, Esme Beachy

3rd Year: Ronan Scannell, Óisín Towers, Anthony Wiseman

4th Year: Oran O’ Donovan, Séan O’ Carroll, John O’ Donovan, Lily O’ Sullivan

5th Year: Jack Burton, Jack Tobin, Matthew Eke

6th Year: Laviecoda Olupona, Ethan Deasy

LCA: Dylan Fleming

SNU: David Hurley


Chairperson Student’s Council


Vice Chairperson Student’s Council